HummingBird Nest: Egg to Fledge – 2017

I’ve been tracking this incredible experience for 36 days and I hope you enjoy it here! This is our mama bird. Let’s call her Anna. I had a bur up my butt to trim back the over growing vines on the side fence. I don’t have proper pruning shears so I was gnawing at the thinner branches with kitchen scissors while my chef-husband stood back asking, “you’re gonna sanitize those, right…?”

Then I found this…A teeny, tiny, majestic, luxuriously soft lamby-lined nest the size of a golf ball (a golf ball!). In it lay one little egg the size of a TicTac.

The next day I look again…

I was so excited! There we had nature. Happening right in my humble little yard.

I checked back every day. I kept my distance as to not scare her way permanently. I watched mama build her nest and fluff it up. She line it carefully, adding little bits and pieces. She danced around with her tiny feet turning her eggs. She sat on them day and night and kept her little eggs warm and cozy. She was a very dedicated mama.  It really puts a clear and beautiful understanding to the term “nesting” we go through waiting for our own babies to arrive.

On day 18 I took my daily quick peek and shrieked with excitement. I tripped over my moose-dog basking in the sun as I ran inside to grab my camera (iPhone). Right on target after 18 days of incubation, we had babies!! Teeny tiny ugly little babies. Announcement: We have twins! Gender-neutral gifts, please.

Their feathers started coming in and their eyes started to flutter open.  I stopped seeing mama bird a much or at all. But they kept growing and there was poop on the surrounding leaves so I’m assuming she had been coming back to feed them.  I’ve read that they fledge (leave the nest) at 18-28 days from hatching but I can’t imagine them lasting 10-20 more days in there! Santa Barbara rent..amiright?

Aside from the bird poop, could you imagine a cozier home? Makes my son’s crib look like a jail cell! I guess hummingbirds aren’t worried about SIDS. Keep in mind that nest is still the size of a GOLF BALL.


And on day 18, they were gone. From “Nesting” to “Flew the coop” 18 years of parenting packing into 18 days. And they were gone.



7 thoughts on “HummingBird Nest: Egg to Fledge – 2017

    • Thanks! It was such an awesome experience. I keep looking for more nests and then think that maybe I’m not quite ready for the emotional investment again this soon. Especially since my cat kinda sorta nabbed one right when they fledged!! I saw them fly away and *bam*! I scooped her up and put her back in nest and can only hope and assume she’s now moved on to safer pastures. I was yelling at my cat, “this is not how this story is supposed to end!” A lot of the nest looks like spider web and hairs from one of my dogs. I don’t know where the bento-flake looking stuff came from. But isn’t is wonderful?? I feel so honored to have been part of it. Thank you for you enjoying it too!

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  1. I love watching “my” hummingbird pets at the feeders outside our big picture window. Your post was the best thing I have found in a ton of research about these fascinating creatures. Are you ok with me linking your post to my upcoming blog post?

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    • Sure you’re welcome to. Thanks! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I thought it was just so cool! I just moved my family into a new house and here we have butterfly chrysalis all over the place! Beautiful nature everywhere we go 🙂


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